Vertical hood family.

    Touch screen extractor hood, which purifies the air.

    The design is rigorous for a harmonious combination of it, with different induction cooktops sizes. The hood comes in two widths of 800, 600 cm and different finishes.

    VR TOUR: https://www.faberspa.com/en/hoods/twice/

    Company: Faber - 2018


  • FLAT

    Automatic door locking device.

    The only glossy glass (symbolizing a door) and the very slim metallic frame enclosing it, makes this product shine, without interfering with the design of the door. A cut-out should be done into the door frame, which could be made of metallic profiles or wood. The cut-out inside the frame is perfect to keep the electronics protected from water, dust and external damage.

    Unlock Creativity international contest, 1st prize winner.

    Company: Command Scape, Florida USA - 2017



    A new concept of toll payment device.

    Through the customizable cover the product perfectly adapts itself to the interior design of different vehicles. A new innovative hanging system has been developed to easily attach Telepass on the wind shield. If used by motor bikerss it can be placed into the pocket, thanks to its reduced thickness.

    Company: Autostrade per l´Italia - 2016


    A totally vertical extraction hood.

    Thanks to innovative “Nautilus” technology, the depth of the product could be reduced and the usually slanted mounting avoided. The design is minimalist and strictly geometrical, and the hood is available in three versions: the white base panel can be optionally provided in copper colour or combined with a cement or titanium surface with a cross structure.

    Red Dot Design Award 2017.
    grandesignEtico International Award 2016.

    Company: Faber - 2016



    International competition.

    Company: Lamborghini - 2016



    A device which doesn't need to look at during its use.

    The different shape of the keys are associated to different actions (opening a garage door, switching on a light), and are configurable. Their basic shape help the user to remember their role easily also in dark light. A led projects the light on the top surface of the glass as a feedback of the completed action. The upper part slides out to activate the keys.

    Research - 2016



    Bamboo LED table lamp.

    The lamp is made of a bamboo stem combined with other "ready made" metallic components. Lanterna can be used independently or can be accompanied by other natural elements to generate special decorations.

    Research - 2016



    Modular lamp.

    Leukós is a glass lamp with modules able to rotate in both directions.

    The design consists in a transparent glass version (to spread the light) and two mirrored glass solutions of grey and blue colour to obtain spot effects. The diffuser is the result of the deformed cylinder, which reflects the light of a 3-Watt LED.

    Research - 2015



    Car mount system for smart phone.
    A new sliding mechanism has been designed to place Diablo easily on the wind shield. Using one hand is enough for fastening the phone. For dashboard use, the suction cup is replaced to a sticky pad.

    In collaboration with fpdesign - 2013



    Cooling and heating system through infrared radiation, powered by the heat pump ecological system.

    An innovative ceramic glass processes the heat exchange with the indoor surfaces. Its conical shape allows a better exchange with the surfaces around and drives the convective currents at very low speed also along the wall behind, improving the system efficiency.

    James Dyson Award competition - italian top 10 designs - 2012

    Master´s thesis - 2012


    Air purifier through photosynthesis process performed by the algae. Starting from the upper gap, the flow of the water along the walls of the glass tubes releases the oxygen to the environment and at the same time it captures the contaminants from the air. Afterwards the water is forced in the habitat of the algae by special pumps positioned in the base.

    Project exhibited at “InterAction”, Italian Cultural Institut Munich - 2012

    Team: Graur Razvan, Matteo Mazzero, Francesca Cornale - 2010


    Flexible heating system.

    The design is made up of ceramic modules put in contact with tubular electric heaters. The modules are hollow to allow flexibility and to protect the user from excessive heat peaks of the tubular heaters. The flexibility makes the product easily transportable in a backpack. Power supply is needed.

    Research - 2010


    Cocktail Kit for 5 people.

    The kit can be sold online or in the supermarket and the drinks prepared personally at home following the instructions. The packages are two: one containing the ingredients and a second one containing the accessories. The ingredients package has a pop-up inside, to create an atmosphere of celebration and happiness.

    Bachelor´s thesis - 2009


    Rendering of different door openers.

    Opening system of sliding gates, swinging gates, garage doors and barriers.

    Company: Beninca, Italy - 2015

  • RISE

    Rendering of different bollards.

    Images used for company catalogues and website.

    Company: Rise, Italy - 2015


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